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Oooh, it's very secret. It's so secret we can't even tell you about it yet. But don't worry, you'll see it soon. Stay tuned!
ROLE: Animation, Production. 2024
STAGE: In development

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Washed-off Fairy Godmother finds out that even happily ever after doesn't protect you from a relationship crisis. Now only her surprisingly deep knowledge of psychology and sexology can save the magic realm and a few marriages. 
ROLE: BADROOM original concept. 2024
STAGE: Teaser Production

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If you are a curious princess and your magical castle is on top of a hundred-story building - there's a good chance you'd want to peek on the other floors especially when each floor is a different world full of magic, adventures, and problems. A vertical journey for the whole family!
ROLE: BADROOM original concept. 2024
STAGE: Pitch Deck

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A family living on the North Pole? Of course, they have a pet polar bear. Or is it he, who really has them? A chilling sitcom about warm people.
CLIENT: 2x2 Federal Network, 2018
ROLE: Creators, Directors
EPISODES: 24 episodes

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